Gúth, A., Head of clinic:. He is an acknowledged and experienced rehabilitation doctor with many years of practice at the Rehabilitational Clinic in Bratislava. There he worked from 1975 as a doctor and then as head of  Clinic. He is expert in his field with international experience, mainly obtained at Czech, Slovak, Austrian and German departments. The president appointed him professor in 2006, he lectured at the university in Slovakia and Austria. Prof.Gúth is the author of 30 textbooks and over 120 scientific articles.

Hlobeňová, M., senior gratuated physioterapist: She works at the Rehabilitation Clinic Univeristy Hospital Bratislava from graduation of specialised school in 1996. During employment she postgraduated specialised study – therapeutic physical  training by Czech, Slovak and English experts. She is co-author of twenty-five professional publications.

Moravčíková, M., graduated physioterapist:  She worked from 2003 when she had completed postgraduate courses. She is  co-author of three textbooks.

Jaďuttová, A, physioterapist: She worked from 2008. She gratuated University studies for rehabilitation in  2012. She is  co-author of two textbooks. She completed some courses by Czech and Slovak experts.

Nemcová, L., physioterapist: She worked from 2009. She graduated the University studies for rehabilitation.

Kurcová, A., physioterapist: She worked from 2012. She graduated the University studies for rehabilitation.

Chrástová, Z., physioterapist: She worked from 2012. She is studying the University studies for rehabilitation.

Gábor, M., physioterapist:  He worked from 2013. He is studying the University studies for rehabilitation now.

  • prof. Anton GÚTH
    Vedúci tímu
  • Mgr. Martinka Hlobeňová
  • Mgr. Saška JAĎUTTOVÁ
  • Lenka NEMCOVÁ
  • Marianka MORAVČÍKOVÁ
  • Darinka DEMOVIČOVÁ
  • Kristínka Rantová
  • Mgr. Rasťo ADÁMIK
  • Bc. Ondrej BEČKA