Vážení klienti, Oznamujeme vám, že ambulancia prof.Gútha napriek jeho odchodu do večnosti pokračuje. Ambulancia funguje pod odbornou garanciou

doc. MUDr. Karola Hornáčka,PhD.


Since 1992 we have been operating on the market in the field of medical rehabilitation. The leader of the team, the guarantor of the ambulance and its head is Professor Gúth, who has been dealing with the musculoskeletal system for more than 44 years. We can say that at present almost all physicians working in the field of rehabilitation in Slovakia are his pupils. Treat yourself to the best. -Moving without pain, you can handle it!

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For individuals, we offera solution to treat health problems that occur as a result of one-sided and monotonous work activities carried out long and mostly throughout the working day, or may be the result of an accident at work, surgery or as a result of loss of mobility with the coming age. Rehabilitá is here for you.

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Book in advance examination or exercise. You can get appointment by phone, email or by forms, please see below.

Phone: +421 949 282 000

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