About my back-pain

My name is Anton Guth and I have been working 40 years at the Rehabilitation Clinic Univeristy Hospital Bratislava . I have successfully treated patients with back pain and I have never had spine disease. But once, twenty years ago,  I lifted a cupboard in the wrong way. The following days I spent as a patient in our own department. I said to myself – never again! I have to prevent relapse!

A spine and swimming

Swimming is an optimal physical activity to strengthen muscles and their flexibility. It improves the coordination of body and limbs, coordination of movement and breathing. Swimming strengthens the cardiovascular system patients they can´t ride a bike and walk. It also relaxes the body and reduces pain.  Swimming styles are breast stroke, crawl, scull and dolphin-crawl. A vertebral patient should avoid break-stroke and he should prefer a scull swimm.

A spine exercises

The mobilization exercise the upper spine /a picture on next page/

Starting position on all fours – palms and knees.

  • a spine flexion – Arch your back when you breath and slump over your back over when you exhale
  • a bend aside – Bent sideway your head, body and tibia when you breath and return to starting position when you exhale. Make the move to the right and left alternately
  • a rotation – Stretch out your hand. Breath and lift up this hand. Your head and torso rotate also. Stop motion. Exhale and return head and body do starting position, put your hand on the mat.